Check Out this Once-In-A-Lifetime Job Opportunity for Surfers!

Check Out this Once-In-A-Lifetime Job Opportunity for Surfers!

Getting paid to live in the holy grail of surfing is not a fantasy—it's reality!

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves, just meters away from a surf break and with a nourishing breakfast already on the table for you. After a 10-step commute to your dream job, an entire day in paradise awaits you. Put this scene on repeat, and you’ll have an idea of what the Resort Manager position at Driftwood is like. 

Life on a remote island has come a long way since the making of Castaway. Between our awesome local staff and guests from around the world, Wilson certainly won’t be your only contact. Instead of waiting for supplies to wash ashore, our surf boats bring in fresh fruit and crates of Bintangs regularly. When you’re ready for an impromptu party, we have the supplies.

Driftwood is on Masokut Island, home to a few surf resorts, local homestays, and many coconut farms. There are no cars, scooters, or even roads on the island, but watch out for falling coconuts. After a surf, you can relax in a hammock, stretch out on our yoga platform, or venture around the island. Here, you’ll enjoy the slow life with killer sunsets and epic surf sessions. 

Located in the aptly named Playgrounds areas, Driftwood is a small surf resort that provides easy access to a long list of prime surf breaks. The remnants of Ebay practically wash up on our doorstep. Pitstops is just a short walk from the resort. Bang Bangs, Burgerworld, Bankvaults, Nipussy, Hideaway, Kandui, and many more are all reached in a quick boat ride. Our surf boats take two trips a day to wherever the waves are pumping. So not only can you surf two sessions a day while on the clock, but it is actually part of the job.

The life of the Driftwood Resort Manager is something many people only dream of. Sure, you’ll have to manage guests, social media, and supplies, make surf forecasts, and answer some emails, but you’re also getting barreled on your lunch break. If surfing world-class waves every day while also making some money and living rent-free doesn’t sound like a sweet gig, then good luck searching LinkedIn for something better.

Driftwood Mentawai Surf Resort

Driftwood is looking for an individual, or a duo, who is passionate about surfing, well-organized, and self-motivated to join our team. Candidates must also speak Bahasa or at least be willing to learn. In the era of social media, the visual representation of Driftwood, and the Mentawais as a whole, is important. So an eye for photography and videography is essential! In addition, having first-aid or medical training and existing knowledge about the area are a huge plus.

The resort manager should be social media savvy and able to communicate well with diverse personalities and nationalities. Importantly, the resort manager will have to live in paradise for at least 12 months. Tough, right?

If you think you are fit for this position and are ready to pack your bags, you can apply by sending us a short creative video about yourself and your qualifications. We want to know who you are, why you want to join our team, and what you have to offer. Remember, having an eye for content creation is important in this role, so make your video stand out!

If all of this sounds right up your alley, check out more details about the job opening via this link