Defenders Of Sustainability

Defenders Of Sustainability

The realisation

When operating a surf resort for a couple of years in the Mentawais, you start to see the impact tourism has on the environment and it's native people. While the surf industry is a strong economic driver for the region, it also has it's negative sides that need to be addressed. 

The problem

The Mentawai Islands are a very remote destination far away from essentials like grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations or any infrastructure like it. This means that anything we use or need in able to offer you the best possible experience needs to be imported by boat. 

Currently most resorts rely on petrol-powered generators for electricity. Plastic water jugs for drinking water and everything that needs to be recycled either get's burned or occasionally transported by boat to the main island where they do basic waste management and recycling. 

The pledge

In this program, we focus on educating the local villagers about sustainability and implementing sustainable solutions like solar panels, water filters, waste management, and green energy.

Next to sustainability, our project also focuses on safety. Teaching the locals about water safety and providing them with life jackets, dry bags, satellite & radio communication devices to increase survival chances in case of an emergency. Right now the local people have none of the above because they just can't afford it. 

In this blog we will be posting updates on our and your efforts. Thank you for being part of the solution with us by buying our merch and we hope are looking forward to welcome you at Driftwood at anytime! 

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