Traveling during Covid-19

Traveling during Covid-19

It would be a pleasure to host you all in our little slice of paradise.
However, the ongoing pandemic has not made it easy! 
In this post we will try and guide you through the maze of information as much as we can!

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Updated on September 28, 2021.​

As the COVID-19 Pandemic situation in Indonesia had shown improvements, the Indonesian Government has relaxed the travel restrictions by allowing a number of foreign travel groups to enter Indonesia. The following foreign travelers may enter Indonesia under the new Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 34/2021:

  1. Diplomatic and Official visa holders (to apply, click here );
  2. Diplomatic and Official stay permit;
  3. Holders of Indonesia Temporary Residence Card (KITAS) and Indonesia Permanent Residence Card (KITAP). Visit for more information;
  4. Visitor and limited stay visas. Visit to learn more;
  5. All non-immigrant crew members or cabin crews arriving any vessel or aircraft from any port or place outside Indonesia.
  6. Asia-Pacific Economic Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card holder; and
  7. Traditional Border Crossing pass/card holder.

Per the new Minister regulation, expired e-visas, which are issued from April 22, 2021 – July 18, 2021, are automatically renewed upon receipt of a confirmation email. E-visa holders are able to enter Indonesia no later than October 15, 2021. Visit to learn more.

Entry Requirements (Updated) 

Effective July 6, 2021, the Indonesian Government required all exempted international travelers to present COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (Two-Dose of Pfizer or Moderna or Sinovac, AstraZeneca dan Sinopharm and Single-Dose of Johnson & Johnson) upon check-in and arrival in Indonesia until further notice. Please see the “Vaccination Information" below for international travelers who are exempted from COVID-19 vaccination card requirement.

Also, all travelers are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test which sample was collected within 72 hours of their departure and an electronic Indonesia Health Alert Certificate (e-HAC) barcode and present them upon check-in and entry at the airport/quarantine authorities.

Please download “Peduli Lindungi" app in your Apple Store or Android Play to complete the e-HAC before travel. You will get a unique barcode at the end of the process and will have to show it upon check-in and arrival.

If you are traveling with family, you are only required to create one account. For example, if a parent is travelling with his/her children, the parent is required to put his/her children information to the e-HAC under his/her name.

Some transit countries, such as Singapore, require shorter sample COVID/PCR Test than that of the regular requirement. Per September 9, 2021, Singapore authorities require all travelers to have COVID/PCR test obtained within 48 hours prior to departure. Please visit the transit country official authority website or consult with respective Airline for more information.

Effective September 15, 2021, the Indonesian Government designated the following entry points for international travelers, namely North Sumatra (Kualanamu International Airport - Medan), Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport and Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport), East Java (Juanda International Airport - Surabaya), Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta International Airport), North Sulawesi (Samratulangi International Airport - Manado), Riau Islands (Hang Nadim International Airport – Batam) and Bali (Ngurah Rai International Airport - Denpasar).

Per the foreign workers entry points, the Indonesian Government designated Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport) and North Sulawesi (Samratulangi International Airport). Indonesian Government designated 6 (six) entry points for Indonesian migrant workers, among others Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport), Riau Islands (Ports of Batam Centre and Citra Tri Tunas), West Kalimantan/Borneo (Sambas and Entikong Check Points) and East Kalimantan/Borneo (Nunukan Check Point).

Vaccination Information (Updated)

Effective on July 6, 2021, international travelers who are able to enter Indonesia during these COVID-19 restrictions are required to have a full-dose of COVID-19 vaccination record card (in physical/digital form) prior to departure to Indonesia which is presented upon check-in and arrival in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government will require international travelers to register their COVID-19 vaccination here ​prior to travel. You will receive a verification email as soon as your COVAX record has been verified. You will get a verification email within 3 business days.

If you are Indonesian citizen and have gotten the full COVID-19 vaccination oversea, the vaccination record will be verified by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Please provide your NIK (Nomor Induk Kependudukan) upon the registration.

If you are foreign citizen, you will have to input your Passport information into the website. The COVAX record will be verified by respective embassy in Jakarta. Please consult with your respective Embassy about the matter.

The COVID-19 vaccination online registration will allow you to dine-in or enter public establishments​ and travel with public transportation (inter or intra islands) in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government exempted the following international travelers from COVID-19 vaccination record card requirement:

  1. Diplomatic and service/official visa holders who are with an official ministerial-to-presidential level delegation to Indonesia by upholding principles of reciprocity and implementing strict health protocols;
  2. Foreign nationals entering Indonesia under the TCA by upholding principles of reciprocity and implementing strict health protocols;
  3. Individuals under the age of 18 years old;
  4. Some individuals who may have medical reasons which prevent them from getting a COVID-19 vaccine. These individuals are advised to provide a memo from a public hospital in their respective country prior to check-in and upon arrival in Indonesia.

    The following foreign nationals will get vaccinated in Indonesia provided that these individuals have not gotten a COVID-19 vaccine in their respective country:
  1. Children aged 12 – 17 years old.
  2. Diplomatic/service/official stay permit holders;
  3. KITAS and KITAP holders.

The above foreign nationals will get their first COVID-19 shot at their quarantine hotel provided that their second COVID-19/PCR test resulted negative.

Foreign nationals who are already in Indonesia prior to the implementation of the new Order of July 6, 2021, and wish to travel domestically, are required to be vaccinated (first shot) through the Indonesian government-initiated vaccination program (Sinopharm vaccination) in accordance with the laws and regulations that will be announced accordingly.  


COVID-19 Testing Centers

The Indonesian Consulate does not have designated testing centers. Also see for information on a testing clinic at Terminals 2, 6 and Tom Bradley International Airport of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that provide testing certificates within 24 hours.


Quarantine Information

Effective July 6, 2021, all international travelers are required to undergo a mandatory 8-day quarantine at designated facilities conducted by the Indonesian government at their own expense. The quarantine must be undergone at the entry point (For facilities in Jakarta and Surabaya).

Two PCR tests will be administered during this period before release from quarantine. Those two tests will be administered on the first day and on the seventh day after arrival.

If you are tested positive, you will be referred to designated Indonesian hospital/health facility conducted by the Indonesian Government at your own expense.

Head of Foreign Missions and their families who are assigned in Indonesia are advised to undertake the eight-day quarantine at their respective residence in Indonesia. They are still required to take two PCR tests on the first and seventh day after their arrival in Indonesia on their own arrangement. Please be advised to consult with your Embassy/Consulate in Indonesia concerning the PCR test arrangement and the healthcare provider. Please email the PCR test results to Directorate of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (

Foreign diplomats, who are not Heads of Foreign Missions, shall undertake the quarantine at designated facilities by the Indonesian Government at their own expense.

After 8 x 24 hours mandatory quarantine and if tested negative, all international travelers are recommended to undertake self-quarantine at their respective residence for the next 14 days.


​Domestic (Inter and Intra Islands) Travel Protocols

Effective on July 3, 2021, all domestic travelers must follow the following protocols:


a) Domestic Travelers From and To Java and Bali Islands


All long-distance travelers to and from Java and Bali using all modes of transport are required to show the vaccination card report (first dose is acceptable) and a certificate of negative RT-PCR test or rapid antigen test.

Travelers using air transportation who fly between airports on the island of Java and Bali, including flights from or to Java and Bali are required to present vaccination record (first dose is acceptable) and negative RT-PCR test which was obtained within 48 hours and fill-up e-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Certificate) prior to travel.

b) Domestic Travelers Outside Java-to-and-from-Bali Corridor

All domestic travelers are required to present COVID-19 vaccination record (first dose is acceptable) and negative RT-PCR test which obtained within 48 hours prior departure or negative rapid antigen test 24-hour prior departure. All Travelers also required to fill-up e-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Certificate) prior to travel.

c) Travelers (Drivers and Assistant Drivers) with Land Transportation Using Goods and Logistics Vehicles

All domestic travelers are required to present negative RT-PCR test which obtained within 48 hours prior departure or negative rapid antigen test 24-hour prior departure.

d) For routine travelers whose using land transport within urban agglomeration area, they are not required to present vaccination card and RT-PCR or rapid antigen test result.

e) All domestic travelers who are to choose travel by air and sea are required to fill-up Indonesian e-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Certificate) prior to travel. However, all domestic travelers who are to choose travel by land are encourage to fill-up Indonesian e-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Certificate) prior to travel.

f) All travelers who are not vaccinated due to health condition proven by a medical memo are required to present negative RT-PCR test which obtained within 48 hours prior departure or negative rapid antigen test 24-hour prior departure.

g) If the result of the RT-PCR/rapid antigen shows negative, while the travelers presents mild symptoms of COVID-19, they may not continue the trip.


Foreign Nationals Travel Protocol Intending to Leave Indonesia

For foreign nationals who have not gotten a COVID-19 shot and wish to leave Indonesia via a domestic connecting flight, they will be exempted from COVID-19 vaccination card requirement provided that they have a special transit clearance from the local Port Health Office/Authority. Having the clearance, all foreign travelers shall not leave the airport during transit.

To have the clearance, all foreign travelers shall provide valid passport and itinerary and present them to the port authorities upon check-in.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!