Video & Photography Package

Make your friends and family jealous with those ultimate paradise surfing photos and videos. Make sure you select a package for every person that wants their trip eternalized on camera!

We have our talented photographer and videographers at the resort at all times. Oscar Shoots mostly in the water, Ebi and Didi shoot all of your waves from the boats! In general, they will take photos, videos and drone shots of everybody during multiple surf sessions. However, If you really don't want to miss out on those paradise shots we recommend booking a Video & Photography Package at the beginning of your trip.

By doing so our photographer knows to look out for you in the line-up and will give priority to whoever booked the package. A package contains footage of a ten day trip. If you wish to stay longer than ten days, discuss the pricing with Oscar. 


  • Unlimited Photo's and Video's - 200 EUR p.p


Prices are set prices and not related to the amount of sessions has been shot on photo or video. If you pre-book a photography and videography package we will try and shoot every session, if the conditions allow us to do so. Keep in mind that the photographers will join the boat that holds the majority of surfers that pre-booked the package. 

If you did not pre-book the package in advance but we end up shooting some shots of you that you really like, you can buy the pictures at €20 per photo and €30 per video or you can choose to buy the full package at the same rates mentioned above.