Welcome to Paradise

When it comes to the waves, don't worry about setting your expectations high - they will all be met!


There may be no more wave dense region in the Mentawai Islands, heck the entire world, than Playgrounds

Located at the most northern point of the island chain, it has 20+ world class waves all located within a half hour boat ride of our resort. World-class waves like Rifles, Kandui, Ebay and Bank Vaults are right around the corner. 

However, the less familiar spots like Hideaways, Pistols, Dog’s Reef & Pitstops can all produce the session of your life! 

Can I surf here?

The Mentawais are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes down to surf spots. We have waves around for everybody! Being comfortable going left and right are the bare minimum skills required to enjoy your trip! Please note that in peak season, the waves are not suitable for beginners.

Fun for everyone!


If you're a beginner with a few sessions of experience and able to stand up on the board and go left and right without getting pushed, there is plenty of fun to find out here! You will find great waves around Shoulder and low season. If you don't feel comfortable in the water, there are plenty of other fun activities to besides surfing!


As an intermediate surfer, you will score some of the best waves of your life. This is the perfect spot to progress in your surfing and you will be able to challenge yourself every day! This is what you've been waiting for!


As a pro, the Ments will probably have no surprises for you... or will they? You know why you're coming here! We don't need to get you even more excited. See you in the water!


Due to their position in the Indian Ocean the Mentawai Islands offer consistent surf all year round. The islands are exposed to swells from pretty much every direction, but there are 3 different seasons to consider.

Choosing is losing...

Peak Season

May - September

If you are looking to get the stand up barrel of your life, this is your time. This is prime-time for the Mentawais and, as the biggest swells of the year roll in, you better be ready to push your limits.

While crowds are here, there are so many spots working that you can still find a mellow empty break around the corner to ride your twinny!

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Low Season

December - February

Large swells are less common, but you will find more small, perfect waves than you could surf in a year. Empty line-ups & amazing weather will offer most beginners and intermediates a great experience!

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Shoulder Seasons

March - April

October - November

This is when you'll find everything from solid overhead swells to small fun days. The waves are awesome and crowds are low. Consider this as the Mentawai's best kept secret!

Highly enjoyable for the skilled surfer, but particularly attractive to intermediate surfers.

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Surf transfers

Depending on the conditions and forecast, we plan 2 guided boat trips every day. (Surf transfers are included in the price of your trip)

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