Wave overview
The Mentawais

This is an overview of the most well-known waves in the Mentawais. Our resort is located in the Northern Mentawais while other waves like Macaroni's, Greenbush, HT's, Lance's Left & Right, etc. are located in the Southern Mentawais.

A deep dive

When we said "surrounded by world-class waves" we weren't kidding... When you come to Driftwood, these waves are all accessable to you!

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our home break

Ebay is one of the coveted gems of the Ments. Its a lefty with several barrel sections during mid-tide. When the tide is high, it transforms into a fun, high-performance wave. Fast, hollow and often shallow. Ebay is not for the feint of heart.

5 min walk / 2 minute boat

Next to E-Bay, Pit Stops is a punchy right-hander with fun little barrels at the take-off. And the good news is that it’s suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

10 min boatride

Off the southern tip of our island, Bank Vaults is one of the biggest and best waves in the Mentawais. This famed right-hand reef break throws some draining barrels, heavy sections and long rides. It can handle huge swells, it rarely goes flat.

Image credits @johnnyjungle & carvemag

20 min Walk / 5 min boatride

Off the west coast of Masokut, Beng Bengs is a left-hand reef break with an awesome shape. It’s fast, fun, and rippable, but also quite forgiving. Therefore, it’s heaps of fun for all levels.

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15 min boatride

East of Bank Vaults, Nipussi is a short and fast right-hander that breaks over a shallow reef. It’s one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawais and is relatively sheltered from the wind. The wave itself is pretty mellow, which makes it accessible for intermediates too.

10 min boatride
Good Times

Good Times is the left-hand version of Burger World. Suitable for all levels, it’s a super fun wave with a mellow take-off and long walls. With a bigger swell, it becomes a great place for advanced surfers to enjoy some carving sections.

20min boatride

Off the south coast of Siberut, Burger World is a long right-hand point break. Loads of fun and very picturesque, it’s suitable for both intermediate and advanced surfers. It’s a swell magnet and when everything else is small, this is your best bet.

20 min boatride

Off the northeast coast of Karangmajat, Kandui is one of the fastest left-hand-barrels in the world and one of the most famous waves in Indonesia. The cleanest and most open barrels you will ever face, this freight train of a wave will offer the barrels of your life.

Image credits @chillipictures

25 min boatride

On the opposite side to Kandui, Rifles is highly regarded as one of the best waves in the world. Arguably the best wave we have on tap. When it’s firing, it delivers some of the longest and cleanest tubes in the world. Textbook magazine cover waves.

Image credits @surfindonesia


Hideaways | Hollow lefthander with a punch. 20 min boatride

4 Bobs | Fun, mellow and protected right hander. 20 min boatride

A-Frames | Perfect left and right with character! 20 min boatride

Dog Reef | Perfect A-Frame setup. Left hand is the easiest barrel we've ever seen, right hand is super open faced and rippable. 10 min boatride

Shadow L&R | Left and right handers of similar performance. Fast and playful. 15 min boatride

Mcdonalds | Same island as Burgerworld, slightly fatter and slower, for when the wind is bad for Burgs. 20 min boatride

Secrets..... | We have an array of secret spots to hand, we're not gonna talk about. We're not gonna post about them. Join us to surf them.