The Mentawais don't always have to be about surfing. There’s a lot more to offer than just mind blowing barrels.

Slow Down

Disconnect from your phone, reconnect to nature and those around you. Grab a book or finish the one you've been trying to finish for months. The Mentawais have a magical way of stopping time and making you appreciate the world we live in.


Our raised platform overlooking the home break is the perfect yoga spot. We have free yoga equipment to use at our lodge.
There is usually a yoga teacher on site offering free yoga classes. Please contact us for details about the availability.


There’s plenty of fun to be had under the surface. Explore the tropical reefs all along the islands. We have snorkel equipment for you to use.


Become the next aquaman and provide for your Mentawai family.

We have fishing and spearfishing equipment at the resort available to use at all times for our guests. The locals are happy to show you the ropes and guide you to the best spots.

Island Hopping

Jump on one of our boats and explore one of the many uninhabited Mentawai Islands.
We can even pack your lunch for excursions.

Explore the island

The Mentawai culture is a beautiful one! We organize jungle treks to see the local culture and visit shamans. The lovely locals will be happy to show you their way of life.


We have sports equipment, card games and board games for lazy days. Make or break friendships in our lounge.


Become the Mentawai's next topmodel. We always have our surf photographers on site. They will be happy to shoot your adventures in paradise.

Drink a beer

Our bar stocks plenty of ice cold beers & sodas for you to enjoy. Treat yourself to a sunset drink in paradise.