Meet The Team

The people behind the experience, meet the legends that make this all happen.  



Position: Founder & Overlord
Stance: Regular
Favourite Wave:
Pitstops // Rilfes
Gram: @benroose_
In 2018 Belgian born Ben came to the Mentawais with a vision. A vision of creating a resort unlike any other. With unrivalled service, guest experience, and uncapped access to the best waves in the world. After opening, Ben battled his way through a global pandemic to keep his dream (and newly built resort) alive. Coming out the other side victorious, he now presides over one of the most highly coveted surf camps in Indonesia. 




Position: Owner, Surf Guide, Good Vibes Enthusiast
Stance: Regular
Favourite Wave:
 Peter Pans (Shadow Right)
Gram: @trevorjamesvick
Trevor, a Californian nomadic surfer and professional traveller, stumbled across the haven of Driftwood after 500 days on the road in early 2023. 4 continents, countless countries and surf-camps explored, and he found himself in our little slice of heaven. Needless to say, it was the most incredible place he has visited in his quest for surfing perfection. Fast forward a few months, Trev is now an investor, owner and all round good time present in the Driftwood domain. 



Position: Operational & General Manager
Stance: Goofy
Favourite Wave: *Secret Left*
Gram: @ndy.image
Andy left Sweden for Australia at a young age to pursue a career in professional filmmaking. After running a successful film production company in Byron Bay for many years, he relocated to the Island of the Gods to manage a High End surf lodge. Fluent in the local language & well accustomed to Indonesian culture, Andy was the perfect fit for the top dog position in our resort. After joining us last year he has been a main driving force in turning Driftwood Mentawai into the resort you'll always want to return to. 



Position: Marketing & Media Manager, Photographer
Stance: Goofy
Favourite Wave:
A-Frames // E-Bay
Gram: @oscrjms_
Hailing from Scotland, Oscar escaped the cold shores of the UK to travel the world with nothing but his camera and a couple of surfboards for company. After chasing waves in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bali for a little while, he stumbled across an open media position based in our slice of paradise. After dropping one of the best application videos we've ever seen, we had to take him onboard midway through 2022. These days you can find him swimming around the heaviest spots playgrounds has to offer, getting the best shots of your life, or filming from a pristine beach blasting good tunes. 


Position: Investor 
Stance: Regular
Favourite Wave:
 Holland based Daan invested in Driftwood some time ago, to ensure he could visit paradise anytime he pleases. The Mentawais, and Driftwood in particular, is his Mecca! He makes his yearly pilgrimage to the island to spend time with the legends who make it all happen. Seeing the guests, as well as the local staff stoked and happy, is his primary concern.



Position: Online Booking Agent
Stance: Goofy
Favourite Wave: 
Dog Reef
Gram: @mashisfree
Ukrainian born Mash moved to the southern hemi in Jan 2020, starting her surfing journey in NZ’s famous Raglan. After escaping lockdown aboard a sailboat bound for Fiji. Encountering a cat 5 cyclone, said sailboat sank and washed the crew ashore. Taking the universes hint that maybe Fiji isn’t the one, Mash moved to Bali for a number of years before bumping into Oscar and receiving an invitation to our crew of a select few. An opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Mash handles all customer emails and bookings, if you'd like to stay here, she'll be finding your dream spot!



Position: Boat Captain, Surf Guide
Favourite Wave: Kandui
BIO: With 20 years of experience piloting boats around the Mentawai region, our head captain Tommy is the font of all knowledge when it comes to conditions, tides, surf & secret spots. 


Position: Photographer, First Mate
Favourite Wave: Pitstops
BIO: Didie is always on hand to shoot the best waves of your life, working closely with Oscar, he has years of experience shooting the waves around our island, and consistently gets the best angles of your best waves. 



Position: Hospitality
BIO: Ichel has been with us since day one, a staple of the Indo crew. Whether its providing the beers, organising your meals or teaching you some local lingo. Ichel is always ready to provide the perfect guest experience.