BGS x Driftwood Surf Trip Giveaway!

BGS x Driftwood Surf Trip Giveaway!
If you're reading this, chances are you've picked up a scratcher from one of the BGS Bali coffee havens, if so, here is everything you need to know about the terms, prizes and how to claim! Mostly it's all pretty straightforward, but keep an eye out for the caveats. 

If you want to claim your prize for one of these: 

Then read on...

 Beachfront Family Villa

The Important Stuff

So, as per the rear of the scratchers, these prizes, ALL of them, are only valid with a Driftwood Mentawai booking. So if you don't intend to visit, chuck your friends some love and gift them your scratchcard! If you don't book in to Driftwood, you don't get your win. For the discounts, free trips, flights etc, get in touch with us directly to claim. We'll hook you up with the trip of your life! 

*Proof of purchase is required to claim*

*You can only claim one scratcher per person, per booking*

Grab a receipt from the cashier, take a photo of your winning card,  a selfie with the BGS crew also works! (make sure you get your scratcher in the frame)



~ Free Surf Trip ~

I mean, pretty good right? If you just happen to be in possession of this particular card, protect it with your life! We're offering one free trip with us, in a standard 10/11 day block, value of €2450. Available trips can be found under 'book now' on this site. 

*please note we do not cover transports costs to and from the camp*

~ Free Surfboard ~

No don't go asking the BGS staff for a free pyzel off the shelf. This ticket it for a fully custom made board, shaped by Bali legend, Uncle Nano @ Nano Surfboards. Any shape, size, colour you want. You will find it parked in your bed upon arrival to our resort, ready for some lovin'. 

~ Crate of Island Brewing ~

The moment you roll up to the resort, you'll be greeted by a freshly chilled crate of your favourite IB beer. Let us know your preference in advance! Light, Hazy, Pilsner etc. 

~ Transport Package ~

For this trip bolt on, just let us know while you are booking, and we'll add the package free of charge to your booking. This covers all airport transfers, ferry transfers, and your overnight stays in Kokos Hostel, Padang! 

~ Photo Package ~

Valid for a maximum of one normal 11 day trip. All photos, videos and memes from every wave you catch, will be handed over at the end of your trip. Insta content for years. You're welcome. 

~ Flights ~

*Up to €200 in value* We'll cover your domestic flights once you book your stay with us. If you're flying international, we'll take this €200 off your booking instead! 

~ 10% // 20% // 50% off ~

Get in touch when you want to book and we'll chuck this discount onto your package! *Doesn't apply to optional extras*