Mentawai Diaries, Peek Behind the Curtain

Mentawai Diaries, Peek Behind the Curtain
The Problem?
The Mentawai Islands are portrayed as this mecca of surfing and exploration. The inaccessible, remote, jungle clad islands are often displayed to the world as too good to be true...
Enter Mentawai Diaries
Our new youtube series geared toward giving you, the surf enthusiast, a real life view into a surf trip here in the Mentawai. No frills, no bull, all surfing and a good slice of what we get up to in our day to day. It's not a vlog, but It's close enough. 
We wanted to blur the line between perceptions and reality, and prove to you that the Mentawai is accessible, not just for professional surfers and vloggers, but for your everyday surfer. People like you and I. It's for everyone.