Route One, Two & Three

Rp 295 000 for a one-way ticket per person. Cash only.

Surfboard Fee's
1kg - 15kg: Rp. 230 000/bag 
16kg - 25kg: Rp. 460 000/bag 
>26kg: Rp. 690 000/bag  

Keep your ferry ticket and surfboard ticket with you to collect your board when you get off the boat!


All ferries leave early in the morning. Make sure you arrive in Padang the day before you are planning to take the ferry to the Mentawais! Check the ferry schedule for more details.

via Mentawai Fast
Route One

Padang ➵ Sikabaluan (1h stop) ➵ Siberut ➵ Driftwood 

Every Tuesday & Saturday.
Total duration: ±7 hours

You'll have a 1 hour stop in Sikabaluan to eat something. Make sure you're back on time on the ferry!

via Mentawai Fast
Route Two

Padang ➵ Siberut ➵ Driftwood

Every Thursday (Currently not running due to covid-19)
Total duration: ±5 hours

via Mentawai Fast
Route Three

Padang ➵ Tua Pejat ➵ Driftwood

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Total duration: ±8 hours

Siberut ➵ Driftwood

Once the Mentawai Fast Ferry drops you off in Siberut, someone from the Driftwood team will be waiting to pick you up and bring you on our speedboat to Driftwood Resort.

Duration: ±1 hour

Good to know...

You can’t book the Mentawai Fast Ferry online. In our experience, it’s never full, so you’ll be fine to simply purchase a ticket the morning of your ferry trip. 

If you really want to book beforehand, you can go to the Mentawai Fast Harbor the day before your departure and pay. Their office closes at 7pm.

Public transport
Route Four

Padang ➵ Siberut ➵ Driftwood

The slow, overnight ferry takes 10-11 hours to get to Siberut, and you’ll have to spend the night in a cabin within the boat.

A double cabin costs around $110 and a quadruple cabin $195.

Contact us to know the schedule - it often changes, but normally runs on Fridays